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Construction update

Heavy machinery was needed to clear vegetation - first step in construction.

Heavy machinery was needed to clear vegetation – first step in construction.

Right now the only structure on the site is the sign that says "Future Home of Endeavor Charter School."

Right now the only structure on the site is the sign that says “Future Home of Endeavor Charter School.”

Stones mark the soil leveling perimeter, which also protect surrounding areas and waterways from soil erosion.

Stones mark the soil leveling perimeter, which also protect surrounding areas and waterways from soil erosion.

It’s been a busy couple of months at our new school’s property. The grading on the site is nearing completion and in conjunction with that work, our underground utilities are about 95% done. Progress continues to be made toward JD Beam’s goal of completing the building shell before the winter.

Doing that will enable much work to be done in a way that is not weather-dependent. The concrete footings of the building’s foundation have been poured, and all other things are on track for the wall panels to arrive in about a month from now for installation.

It is incredible to see our dream finally becoming a reality, and its so incredibly rewarding that we’re getting it done together thanks to the unflagging support of our Endeavor community.

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The Planning Phase – Full Speed Ahead!

During the first three months of 2013 the Endeavor Foundation was extremely busy finalizing construction plans for the new school. Throughout this undertaking they have secured many partners along the way to ensure a successful project:

Color.School.PictureHH Architecture

HH Architecture is responsible for creating the site plan and building design for the new school.

They work closely with our general contractor, school board, foundation, and city planners to ensure the new school fulfills all requirements

Current Site PlanJD Beam

JD Beam is our General Contractor and is responsible for overseeing the site work and construction of our school.

Their role is to ensure the plans created and materials used are the most ideal possible, but remain within the constraints of the budget.

Floorplan ConceptStewart Engineering

Stewart Engineering is responsible for the design plans for the site work, as well as roadway improvements.

They handle permit applications required for site approval and access to the State and Town of Wake Forest roads.

Amy.Luciani.HeadshotKey Project Management, Amy Luciani

Amy’s primary role is to coordinate all parties involved in the land purchase and facility construction process.



BB&T is our primary lender for the new school and we are working closely with them to secure the best loan possible at the most favorable rate available.

Parker Poe Attorneys

Parker Poe managed the paperwork for the land purchase loan, as well as reviewed the engineering and construction contracts.  They are a great resource for the ECS Foundation Board and Board of Directors, and continue to provide legal guidance as needed.

Town of Wake Forest

Our site plans have been submitted to Wake Forest for approval, and changes will be made accordingly to meet any requirements the city demands.

North Carolina Department of Transportation

A driveway access permit has been submitted for Burlington Mills Road.  Per NCDOT requirements, a traffic impact study has been completed to determine any road improvements that will need to be made to ensure that traffic flow around the new school is as efficient as possible.

So What’s Next?

The Foundation is always moving forward with the parties mentioned above.  We are currently in the process of securing construction bids, which will be followed by bid submittals for specialized areas, such as carpeting, painting, plumbing and electrical work.  These are all areas we can accept in-kind donations of service if you are in one of those businesses. Another major milestone we’re working on is getting the necessary permits to access the property to prepare for site work and building construction.

And of course, last but not least, the Fundraising Committee remains very busy securing pledges for Endeavor’s Capital Campaign.  All of the efforts above are already generating bills, and donations are crucial to prevent delays in any of these steps.  Currently the plan is to officially break ground in June 2013, and by then we must secure the additional $600,000 needed to build the school we desire in the time period mandated for the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

If you have not already contributed, please consider giving whatever you are able.  Online donations (one-time or ongoing) can easily be made through PayPal, and all amounts are greatly appreciated.  As a reminder, the Endeavor Foundation is a 501c(3) Charitable Organization (IRS Tax ID 27-0309319), so donations are tax deductible.

We welcome all questions about the construction process or the Capital Campaign at

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

The deal is done: 29 acres for our new home is ours!

New Home Map ImageWe are happy to announce that today we’ve purchased 29 acres of land for our school’s new home.

This marks an exciting major milestone on our journey to continue the legacy of “learn by doing” educational excellence long after the lease expires on our current location on Forum Drive.

How we bought this land
Our land is held in the name of the Endeavor Charter School Foundation because charter schools in North Carolina are prohibited by law from owning real estate. This marks a “point of no return” for our school, because the land purchase was made with a large bank loan that will become part of the school’s operating costs in place of the rent we now pay to the landlord on Forum Drive.

Buying the land cost $2.75 million, which was financed with $500,000 from the school’s savings account and a $2.25 million bank loan from BB&T. The whole project, which includes constructing the building, costs approximately $9.4 million – which we will work to reduce through cost savings and generous in-kind contributions.

We’re grateful to the generosity of our early donors in the 2010-2011 “Home for the Pride” fundraising campaign. Those funds enabled the Foundation to cover the necessary costs of land search, due diligence investigation and other essential activities that brought us to this day. It was also critical to have the expertise of our parent volunteers on the Foundation’s Board and the School’s Board of Directors. Finally, we received important support through donated services from outside firms, such as the attorneys at the Raleigh offices of the Parker Poe law firm.

Why we bought this land
Since the school’s current lease expires in June 2014, we have no choice but to move. Rather than incur the costs and disruption of moving to another leased facility, the timing is right to move forward with a permanent home based on land we own that meets the criteria set out by our parents and teachers.

The new location is about 5 minutes north of I-540 off Capital Boulevard at Burlington Mills Road. It’s an ideal location for the school because it has easy access to major thoroughfares, enough land to meet the school’s immediate need for grades K through 8, and room for a possible future high school expansion. We sincerely hope all currently enrolled families can make the move with us to the new location.

Next Steps
This “point of no return” also means added urgency to the Foundation’s Capital Campaign.

If you’ve not had a chance to contribute, please consider making a donation or pledge at whatever amount you are able to give. We have online donations enabled through PayPal, which can be a one-time donation or smaller amounts pledged over time. We’re very grateful for all the donations we’ve received, and we’re hoping for participation from 100% of all Endeavor families.

Please look for updates on progress to our new home on the left side of the ECS website home page, or follow one of our social media channels directly:

This is an exciting day for our school, and certainly an occasion worth celebrating. We can all be proud of what we’ve achieved together at Endeavor, and we could not be more thrilled to know that our school has a bright future ahead built on 29 acres of good, solid Carolina piedmont clay!

Please let us know if you have any questions at

As always, thank you for following and for your continued support!

What’s in a land search?

It’s time to pause a moment and consider the land search process for our school and why it’s taken over 3 years -it’s an interesting story that has unfolded based on input from our parent and teacher surveys. It’s also cause for great hope because the current location we’re about to purchase has all the bells & whistles we need and want for our new home!

The reason we even have a separate entity called the Endeavor Charter School Foundation is that North Carolina statutes prohibit charter schools from owning real estate. The land search process is one of the most important activities carried out by the Foundation because it’s central to our reason for being, and it’s the first important step to our getting a permanent home for the school. Many factors have gone into the land search process – a few were hard requirements, but mostly the land search was driven by input from our parents and teachers.

One hard requirement is that based on our charter, the school must be located in Wake County. Another one is that our current lease expires in June 2014, so the land has to be available for construction to complete to enable move-in during that June. As always, a limited budget is a hard requirement, so some properties have simply been too expensive to consider. Other hard requirements are related to factors we’d never consider – such as needing to rule out polluted land, and staying clear of local zoning restrictions.

By and large, the land search committee considered over 100 properties in Wake County, made site visits to over 50 of them, and then made 6 offers based primarily on the ability to accommodate a facility with the things we asked for, such as: Continue reading ‘What’s in a land search?’

Progress update: October 15, 2012

This update first appeared in the school’s PAWPrint newsletter on October 15, 2012:

Since the last update, we have cleared several key hurdles towards the purchase of the land for the new school. Each step takes us closer to our new home, and our immediate goal is to get the specifics that will paint the picture of the new school and determine the cost of making it a reality. Once those details become known, we will call a meeting to outline the project and the fundraising goals.

Until that time, here is what we have accomplished since the last detailed update:

  • Selected David Clodgo as the new Chairman of the Foundation. David and Candice Clodgo have a 2nd and a 4th grader enrolled at ECS.
  • Established a communications infrastructure for the Foundation that enables quick updates and detailed sharing via social media. So far, you can follow or share Foundation  updates at:
  • Engaged Key Project Management to act as Owner Representative and overall project management for this project, with Ms. Amy Luciani as our Project Manager.
  • Engaged Stewart Engineering to complete the preliminary engineering for the site.
  • Completed the Traffic Impact Analysis required by the Town of Wake Forest.
  • Completed the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Replaced the previous Charlotte-based architect with Raleigh-based HH Architecture, a firm with significant experience in school projects.
  • Begun negotiations with JD Beam General Contractors to develop a cost-plus contract with a guaranteed maximum price for construction.NOTE: Once the contract is signed, the schematic design process will result in a floor plan, site plan and exterior views of the new school.
  • Ordered a tree survey to complete the site plan, and inquired about the wetland and stream delineation map.
  • Received a term sheet from BB&T Bank outlining their financing offer for the project. The term  sheet comes before a commitment letter and a scheduled closing date for the land purchase.

We will calculate the fundraising goal as soon as key details become available. Beginning with the bank’s commitment letter, we’ll need to add cash on hand and then compare it to the final overall cost for buying the land and constructing the building, plus the cash requirements the bank has for the school that cannot be used for the project.

We also feel the need to show a floor plan, site plan and exterior views of the school to show a shared vision for the future of Endeavor Charter School. Those are not yet available, and the fundraising goal will determine what it will take for us all to make the vision a reality together. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Until then, please reach out at with any questions or comments, or make a donation to the Capital Campaign today.  Every contribution takes us one step closer to having a permanent home for Endeavor.  Thank you!