The Future Comes Into View

As described in our last post, getting the walls and roof up have made it possible to keep moving forward with bringing our school’s bright future into view in our new home.

The front of the school is shaping up beautifully.

There’s so much more to a school than just wall frames and a roof. Other important pieces of the puzzle include the electrical system, lighting, communications, floor coverings, interior wall boards, windows and doors, and so on. Once all those parts are in place, then there are furnishings and all the decor elements that support the day-to-day functions of learning and other goings-on.

The front of the school is coming together nicely!

The front of the school is coming together nicely!

Lots of open space seen from the front door of the school.

This view from the front door will soon have grass and children playing.

The construction phase of building a school is a very complex process that takes time and energy. There are building codes and other guidelines to adhere to that require inspections at various stages, as well as county and state requirements that need to be met.

Just picture our new school, with classrooms and hallways filled with desks and our happy children. Imagine wide, grassy fields for our athletic programs to host “home” games in one place that’s actually our home. And this year’s graduation ceremony will be the last one we hold in a rented facility!

Can you see it? It’s really happening!!

We’re so grateful to the early and consistent support we’ve received to bring our future into view. It’s all been made possible through the generosity of our donors and the drive and energy of the Boards of Directors of both Endeavor Charter School and the Endeavor Charter School Foundation.

And please remember – support is still needed and greatly appreciated.

Online donations are possible with credit cards or paypal, and in-kind donations are also helpful. Materials and services are valuable. Once we near completion, there’s no telling what will be needed, and as Mr. McAdams has said, somehow our wonderful ECS community always comes through. And for that, we’ll always be grateful!

Aren’t you excited?


The Walls Are Up and The Roof is On!

The roof is on!Great progress has been made in construction – the external walls are up and the roof is on.

This means the work area is sheltered from weather, which could have delayed the overall project.

Now, some of the most intricate work can be done, such as internal walls, plumbing, electrical and the like.

The external walls are up!Donations continue to be accepted and all new funding will simply make our new school all the greater.

Details can be found on the Capital Campaign web page at

As always, thank you for following and for your continued support!

A brick by brick legacy in The Lion’s Walk

There is an exciting new way to leave a personalized imprint on the new school by creating bricks of your own for The Lion’s Walk.
The Lion’s Walk is planned to be a walkway leading up to the front entrance of the school, and it will include commemorative bricks from families, alumni, relatives, faculty and friends of Endeavor Charter School.  The hope is to have The Lion’s Walk in place by the time the new building opens in 2014. Purchasing a Lion’s Walk brick is a nice way to leave a lasting imprint on the new Endeavor Charter School campus.
You can engrave your custom brick with your family name, your student’s name and year of graduating class, your business’ name, or your organization’s name.  You could even choose to engrave a brick in honor of someone special, a favorite teacher, or in a loved one’s memory. Lion’s Walk bricks are available in two sizes:
  1. 4×8 inches:
    Each brick has 3 lines available, 21 characters per line (incl. spaces and punctuation)
  2. 8×8 inches:
    Each brick has 6 lines available, 21 characters per line (incl. spaces and punctuation)
The school will do its best to accommodate your engraving wishes as they fit into the boundaries of 21 characters per line. There are two additional details to note:
  1. All messages will be center-justified, so there is no need to center your message on the lines of the form.
  2. The engraving works best in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
Please use the Lion’s Walk form to order your brick(s) and return it in to the school with payment to Endeavor Charter School Foundation. A portion of the cost is tax-deductible. Questions? Please email Lisa Kristianson:
More details about the Endeavor Charter School Foundation  can be found on the Foundation web page. The Lion’s Walk is just one way to support the Foundation, another is the ongoing Capital Campaign.
As always, thanks for your support!

Transportation options being considered

The new school is 10 miles away from the current location.

The new school is 10 miles away from the current location. [Image courtesy of GoogleMaps.]

The Board of Directors has received some questions from our parent community about transportation to and from the new school, particularly whether we are pursuing options from a central location in North Raleigh to the new building in the morning and back again in the afternoon.

In addition to researching a possible partnership with the A.E. Finley YMCA, we are currently looking into other types of paid transportation possibilities.

While we don’t have specific detail to share just yet, our goal is to have information available by the end of this quarter about whether paid transportation options will exist, and if so, what they might be.

We welcome your ideas and any community connections you might have in this area as we conduct our research. Please feel free to email the Board at

Thank you for your interest and continued support!

Construction update

Heavy machinery was needed to clear vegetation - first step in construction.

Heavy machinery was needed to clear vegetation – first step in construction.

Right now the only structure on the site is the sign that says "Future Home of Endeavor Charter School."

Right now the only structure on the site is the sign that says “Future Home of Endeavor Charter School.”

Stones mark the soil leveling perimeter, which also protect surrounding areas and waterways from soil erosion.

Stones mark the soil leveling perimeter, which also protect surrounding areas and waterways from soil erosion.

It’s been a busy couple of months at our new school’s property. The grading on the site is nearing completion and in conjunction with that work, our underground utilities are about 95% done. Progress continues to be made toward JD Beam’s goal of completing the building shell before the winter.

Doing that will enable much work to be done in a way that is not weather-dependent. The concrete footings of the building’s foundation have been poured, and all other things are on track for the wall panels to arrive in about a month from now for installation.

It is incredible to see our dream finally becoming a reality, and its so incredibly rewarding that we’re getting it done together thanks to the unflagging support of our Endeavor community.

Check back here for regular construction updates going forward. Three additional options to stay abreast of updates are:

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  2. Follow Foundation ECS on Twitter, or
  3. Follow Foundation ECS on Pinterest.

Whatever your choice, we appreciate your following and your continued support. Visit our Capital Campaign page to learn more about supporting.

6th and 1st graders collaborate for “Just One Dollar”

This year saw a wonderful project come to fruition called the “Endeavor Charter School Dolla’ Rap.” It was a service project for the 6th graders that turned into an opportunity to mentor our 1st graders. The “Dolla’ Rap” was conceived by Robin Thoman as a way to involve one of the school’s most important constituents in supporting the Foundation’s goal of a new school – our students.

Click on the link below to hear this engaging song, and read along with the lyrics below.

A school of excellence – 4 years straight,
What we’re doin’ here, it’s really great!

Yeah that’s my school – but we got to go!
Our lease is up – we can’t stay no mo’!

But that’s ok – ‘cuz its kinda small,
Kids learnin’ everywhere – even in the hall!

We need your help – to get outta’ here,
We only want a dolla’ – so don’t you fear! Continue reading ‘6th and 1st graders collaborate for “Just One Dollar”’

So Many Ways to Help…

Though financial donations are essential for the construction of our new school, there are so many other ways Endeavor parents can support this project. Here are a few ways some of our families are doing just that:

  • Parents in the masonry, hardware, flooring, and painting industries offering their assistance.
  • A grandparent providing his expertise in the selection of our new HVAC system.
  • A parent securing a large furniture donation from his place of employment.
  • An Endeavor bakery owner offering to donate a portion of her profits.
  • A grandparent offering discounts on playground equipment.
  • A family providing their company’s printing services for pledge cards.
  • Several parents volunteering for the Fundraising Committee.
  • Teachers & administrators volunteering their time for “Parents Nights Out.”

There is no doubt that building our new school is a tremendous undertaking – one which can only be accomplished by pulling all of our resources together. We have an amazing community here at Endeavor, and all of us involved in the Foundation are most appreciative of any and all assistance we receive. Please consider how you may be able to help as well!

As a reminder, the Endeavor Foundation is a 501c(3) Charitable Organization (IRS Tax ID 27-0309319), so all donations are tax deductible – including in-kind donations of goods or services. Also, please remember to share news about Endeavor with your friends via email or social media using the Foundation Main Page or the Capital Campaign page.